Armenia Eternity Bracelet

Armenia Eternity Bracelet


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This bracelet features a black with one of each flag color bead bracelet with eternity charm. This bracelet is intended to bring awareness to everything happening in Artsakh. Wear it proud. They are made by Armenians for Armenia. Profits will be donated to help aid in the fight for PEACE! 

Collaboration with SDOTB, VAHAN, RAFFI

Quality painted glass beads. 

Elastic stretch cord. 

Available in men's and women's sizes. 

Kids sizes available too!

Men-25 beads

Women-22 beads (should fit early teen kids too)

Kid-19 beads. (should fit young kids 5-10, depending on what you feed your kids)

XL - If you have a wrist that is bigger than the average male wrist this is for you. 27 beads. 

Please allow a few days for shipping. 

(Profits are roughly 70-75% of the sale amount. Cost of goods and associated costs of getting the word out and products into the hands of donators will be held back in order to make sure we can continue to maximize the donation amounts to Armenia)

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